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“I have been a regular visitor to the centre since my eldest daughter was days old, back in 2011. The role the centre has played in our life as a family is hard to explain and I simply cannot imagine how we would have coped without it. The centre has been an invaluable source of strength and advice, it has provided our daughters with incredible early years care and education, and we have made lifelong friends there. I hope we can help ensure its continued success, and the safety and health of children using the centre.”

Claudine Fry, mum to two daughters in nursery and play scheme

“I am surprised that TfL considers the 2014 consultation closed when there are so many unresolved issues. We have been in dialogue with TfL and Islington Council for more than a year now, because we know the scheme can be better. Space constraint, performance and safety standards are not insurmountable problems and we have a dedicated team of architects and traffic planners proposing alternatives.”

Kiat Phua, parent and campaigner, Feb 2016

“Many of us welcomed improvements to Archway when the concept was presented back in 2014. What we’re getting is one giant leap backwards as it’s been taken out of the hands of the community groups who drove it.”

Anna Squires, local resident and parent, Feb 2016

“More worrying however is the fact that north-bound vehicles (including the 210 and 41 buses, whose journeys will be extended and which are not as yet listed for change to cleaner technology) will turn right from Junction Road into Vorley Road, a narrow street with restricted pavements where the Archway Early Years Centre and planned new housing are located. TfL have attended meetings and well know that parents are concerned for the physical safety of children as well as the quality of the air they breathe.”

Jeremy Corbyn MP, in a letter to Leon Daniels of TfL, Feb 2016

“Islington Council said in Aug 2015 that traffic past the nursery won’t increase as a result of changes to the gyratory. We strongly disagree and have yet to see convincing evidence to support this. Additionally, five months later and outside of the public consultation, they have added another stream of traffic from Junction Road. Even if traffic on Vorley Road doesn’t increase–which is inconceivable–this creates a dangerous intersection outside a nursery.”

Ginny Hendricks, Archway Children’s Centre Parents & Carers Forum, Feb 2016

“What TfL disingenuously calls ‘consultation’ has barely been lip-service; every suggestion has been dismissed out of hand or later misrepresented. There is fury at such blatant disregard of serious concerns.”

Jenny Thompson, local resident, Feb 2016

“People clearly take priority in smarter areas like Upper Street, But Archway has at least as many residents and given the tube station and 12 bus routes, far more pedestrians. It is important that they are acknowledged and planned for, particularly as that is a requirement of national legislation.”

Kate Calvert, Chair of Better Archway Forum (BAF), Sept 2015

“The Department of Transport figures are clear that despite a doubling in the number of bikes and buses, there has been a 20% overall reduction in the number of vehicles on Archway Road between 2000 and 2014. This means there is scope to permit the righthand turn from St John’s Way onto the A1, which TfL says will take up 20% of the junction’s capacity.”

Dorothy Leng, Chair of Whitehall Park Area Residents Association (WHPARA), Sept 2015


“It seems perverse that as guidelines to build schools more than 150m away from main roads is issued by the Environmental Audit Commission we are informed that a main road is going to be routed 150 cm past our Children’s Centre.

I would urge you to reconsider a scheme that is taking traffic out of a commercial area and routing it through a densely populated residential area with well used services for children and families. Many parents have only recently become aware of these planned changes, and have a very short time in which to put their views to the consultation.  They have requested that I invite you to a meeting at the Centre to discuss their concerns. Please contact me if you would like to do so.”

Nasso Christou OBE, the [then] Head of Archway Children’s Centre, Feb 2014, in a statement to TfL