Dec 2013 –

Jan 2014

TfL Consultation on Road Changes

Feb/Mar 2014 Various community groups wrote about their concerns to TfL, including [then] head of Archway Children’s Centre, Nasso Christou OBE who retired in 2015:

‘It seems perverse that as guidelines to build schools more than 150m away from main roads is issued by the Environmental Audit Commission we are informed that a main road is going to be routed 150 cm past our Children’s Centre.

I would urge you to reconsider a scheme that is taking traffic out of a commercial area and routing it through a densely populated residential area with well used services for children and families. … Many parents have only recently become aware of these planned changes, and have a very short time in which to put their views to the consultation.  They have requested that I invite you to a meeting at the Centre to discuss their concerns. Please contact me if you would like to do so.’

TfL has not visited the Children’s Centre at this point. The parents persisted and managed to organise a first meeting with TfL in Aug 2015.

May 2015 TfL published minor amendments to the road design, which did not address the two key points on Archway Road bus stands and St John’s Way right turn.
Jun 2015 Parents from Archway Children’s Centre raised more questions to TfL
Aug 2015 First meeting with TfL and Islington Council at Archway Children’s Centre. Key outcomes:

  • Established with TfL that space constraint is not really an issue with the St John’s Way right turn. It is signalling and junction capacity which need to be looked into.
  • Islington Council commits to not making Vorley Road worse off than status quo and 9-month air quality survey.
Sep 2015


9 Sep – TfL presented updated scheme at public meeting at Hargrave Hall. Turnout and response against the scheme was very strong, not “mainly content” as minuted by Islington Council.

25 Sep – First technical meeting at TfL Southwark, wherefeasibility of St John’s Way right turn (see plan attached) is discussed with BAF and Archway Children’s Centre head and parents. Community groups suggested the junction design can be flexible, allowing or disallowing a right hand in response to traffic trends.

BAF relayed Department of Transport figures showing 20% overall reduction in traffic at Archway area to TfL.

Oct 2015 Second meeting with TfL and Islington Council at Archway Children’s Centre

  • Actual survey (61.8 microgram/m3) shows air quality twice as much as TfL’s modelling. It also exceed EU legal limit of 40 microgram/m3.
  • Again it is not space constraint but junction capacity which is TfL’s concerns.
Nov 2015


TfL accepted parent’s request to include Vorley Road in pre-construction traffic survey, but did not agree to a second technical meeting as there are no new issues to be discussed.

TfL postponed Bus Consultation.

Dec 2015 BAF, Archway Children’s Centre Parents / Carers Forum and #n19air wrote to TfL Bus Operations.
Jan 2016 Local group wrote to Deputy Mayor / Isabel Dedring.