Gyratory Campaign

We call on Islington Council and Transport for London to protect the young children of Archway by:

1.  Keeping the Right-Hand Turn at St John’s Way

When the gyratory changes, traffic will no longer be able to turn right from St John’s Way into Archway Road and Highgate Hill. The direction of traffic on Vorley Road will be reversed to allow this traffic to pass along it instead.

2.  Banning a Left-Hand Turn Into Vorley Road

Not included in consultation, Islington Council now plans to also allow a left-hand turn from Junction Road into Vorley Road. This means all traffic from Junction Road to Highgate Hill will additionally travel via Vorley Road.


  • Traffic on the road will be heavy.
  • Pollution will be high.
  • The intersection will be dangerous. A local child could get hurt.

The resulting intersection next to the nursery will be dangerous. Ingress intersections such as this have a higher rate of traffic accidents. There will be confusion and congestion on Junction Road as traffic tries to turn into Vorley Road and it will then accelerate fast out of the intersection towards the nursery. 

The behaviour of toddlers and young infants is unpredictable, especially after a long day at nursery. While we accept that parents are responsible for their children’s behaviour, the reality is that those who use the centre have all seen at least one tired toddler dash from their parent or carer unexpectedly onto the street.

Vorley Road is narrow. This quiet residential road is wholly unsuited to becoming part of a major traffic interchange.

Other local schools will also suffer from an increase in traffic when the right-hand turn is stopped, including Hargrave Park Primary School, St John’s Primary School and Whitehall Park Primary School.

Like most locals, we want Archway to improve, but not at the expense of its youngest and most vulnerable residents.

Traffic in Archway should be kept on the major roads and not on our residential streets.